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Aberdare, the area we are located is Kenya's biggest water tower. We want it to remain that way for eternity, so we are aware that the only way to ensure that is to take great care of our environment. We are an eco-lodge focused on protecting Waterways and water catchment areas with over 2,000 bamboos growing on our space. 

We keep electricity use to a bare minimum, we even use an ecological water heating system to ensure hot water flows, and together we help save the earth and you shall also get a chance in helping us on this whilst you stay at Aberdare Cottages and Fishing Lodge. 

All waste from the kitchen and restaurant is sorted and separated. Food leftovers especially vegetables, fruits and fresh produce with effective Microorganisms that later on could be used as a part of the bio-fertilizer that used to degrade the natural trash like leaves. Also, we had made our own organic dish-washing soap or versatile solution used in our entire property. These are totally non-toxic to everyone. 

Aberdare Cottages and Fishing Lodge also continuously engage in external environmental activities such as planting trees, and conserving water bodies and waterways in partnership with like minded people and entities.

  • Waterways Protection 
  • Eco Water and Power Systems
  • Adopt a Tree initiative in partnership with Greenshine